Letter From The Board Chair

Dear Friends and supporters,

Our name gives us a clear picture of why we exist. A tributary is a place where steams and rivers pouring from completely different and distinct regions, move towards each other, eventually merging and flowing as one to the ocean. TTF’s role is to help three streams — science, conservation and faith — find each other, flow together and work as one to protect our natural environment

The last twelve months have been of tremendous significance in the long-term development of TTF. Building upon founder Betsy Quammen’s outstanding work, we believe we are ready to take on more, delve more deeply in our work and set out on an adventure. To do this, the staff and the board identified where we have exceptional strengths; where we have partnerships that are unique. These distinctions include our ability to link science with faith in practical ways such as the snow leopard toolkit or our partnership around the world with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) on programs like the pollinator project. The board now feels we are ready to expand and respond to the manyopportunities for partnership and development that are already emerging. The last twelve months have been a chance to reflect, mature and plan. We now invite you, our friends and supporters, to walk with us into an increasingly exciting and expanding future. We hope you will join the adventure with us.


Martin Palmer
TTF Board Chair

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