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SUSAN HIGGINS, Managing/Program Director, has a 25-year career in natural resources management with a focus on linking watershed science with policy change at the local, state and federal levels. As a trained facilitator, she has enjoyed collaborations with public agencies, community groups, and university science researchers. Susan holds an undergraduate degree in biology and a masters in natural resources management. Currently she is the chair of the Bridger Ski Foundation Nordic Committee.


Claire1CLAIRE SANDS BAKER, Community Outreach Director, joined The Tributary Fund with almost twenty years of non-profit management and development experience.  Previous positions have focused on education and the arts, however, Claire’s favorite approach to any project is multi-faceted and community-centered.  With an art history degree from Scripps College in Claremont, California, she has worked for Self Enhancement, Inc. (inner-city youth development in Portland, OR), Montana State University College of Arts & Architecture, the Portland Art Museum and the Danforth Arts Center (Livingston, MT).  Claire currently volunteers on the board of Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project, on the Institutional Advancement Committee at Scripps College, and with TEDxBozeman.


chimgaCHULUUCHIMEG LUVSANDASH, better known as Chimga, is TTF’s Mongolia Program Manager. Chimga grew up in Hovsgol Province near the Eg River. After university in Ulaanbaatar, she worked as an educator and translator. She is in charge of promoting biodiversity awareness through seminars on fisheries research, mining impacts, environmental laws, and sustainable business. Chimga also works hand-in-hand with area schools and the Buddhist leadership at the Dayan Derkh and Gandan Monasteries.


NAWANG EUDEN, contracted as our Bhutan Program Coordinator, is Bhutanese and currently lives in Bhutan with her husband and daughter.  As a post graduate, she received her undergraduate degree in Canada and hopes to someday pursue a masters.  In her TTF internship, she surveyed Bhutan’s monastic schools and has served as a terrific advisor to TTF with regard to areas of conservation interest for monasteries.  TTF hired her as contracted staff and she helped organize a large Conservation and Compassion workshop for Bhutan’s monastic body in September 2011 as well as snow leopard toolkits.


CHARLIE CONN, joined TTF on contract to help operate the Taimen Fund, a fund designated for taimen conservation in Mongolia.  Whether landing the largest taimen of the season in Mongolia, diving into an Amazonian river to free a fish from a snag, or simply floating down the Yellowstone River, Charlie is one of the great, undiscovered personalities in the fishing business. With a quick wit, and agile fishing mind, Charlie is a great teacher who makes every day on the water enjoyable. He has guided throughout the world, and his knowledge of the world of fly-fishing and particular love of taimen and Mongolia will aid him as he serves as a liaison between taimen scientists, anglers and Mongolian ecotourism in conservation efforts.

TTF is thrilled to have amazing interns (Sally is our current intern but we just can’t let go of Hannah, who is still doing some writing with us, and Kelsey, who is studying economics at Yale):

SALLY WESTERN joined our team last summer!  A Wyoming native, she graduated from St. John’s College in 2011 and has been traveling and writing for Outside Bozeman magazine.  She has helped with program research and general intern-ish office projects!


HANNAH KREITZER, intern emeritus, graduated from Unity College in Maine in 2012.  She happened to write a paper on taimen for an aquaculture class during her junior year…and then ended up meeting Betsy in Massachusetts that summer. Fortunately, a match was made and Hannah spent summer 2011 with us in Bozeman.  As an environmental writing major, she is putting her writing skills to use on our blog, in grant-writing and in magazine articles.  She has also done some nice wildlife illustrations which will appear in future TTF projects and publications. We are thrilled that she sends us frequent blog postings…her writing is a treat.  FYI – she is available for hire if you need a creative young writer!


KELSEY LARSON worked with us for two years and we are sad to say that she has departed to continue her adventure at Yale University.  She helped with the Green My Faith program and developed a youth group curriculum. This innovative young woman also helped with general office tasks.  She has attended the Telluride Association Summer Program, qualified for the national speech and debate tournament, traveled to China with the State Department, and is attending Yale to study economics and global affairs.

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