TTF’s conservation toolkits are sought-after, replicable tools for conservation and religious leaders that connect religious traditions with protection of species and their habitats.  The kits will provide educational outreach materials as well as data collection information designed by scientists for citizens on the ground in remote locations.  We are currently wrapping up toolkits for Bhutan (snow leopard), Mongolia (general, taimen, mining, illegal animal trade) and the US (pollinator as well as an Energy Efficiency Booklet and a Green Lent Carbon Fast calendar).


Here is a sample of what will be included in our Bhutan (snow leopard) toolkit:

  • TTF teachers’ resource guide containing the following sections:
    • Connections between Buddhist faith and species conservation
    • Scientific background on snow leopards
    • Teaching activities
    • How to start an eco-club, conduct a species festival, write a grant
    • Expert snow leopard resources and contact
  • Citizen scientist data collection guide
  • Weatherproof data collection sheets
  • Weatherproof field log and pens
  • Small weatherproof tarp
  • Binoculars
  • Digital camera, batteries/charger
  • GPS unit
  • Measuring tape
  • Maps
  • Field guide to Bhutan’s mammals
  • Small first aid kit (band-aids and disinfectant cream)
  • Plastic collection bags for scat
  • Forceps
  • Surgical gloves
  • Water bottle
  • Ambient air thermometer
  • Jackknife


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