Green Lent/Carbon Fast 10 Activities

We invite you to use this time of Lent to change some of your habits as you pay attention to your consumption of our Earth’s resources, God’s gift to us all. Please use the days of Lent to rethink your lifestyle and how it impacts impoverished communities around the world. Remember, even if you do only one thing, you have made a difference. Below are some green activities for you to consider.

1.    Replace regular light bulbs with energy-saving compact florescent light bulbs and turn off lights when not in use.

2.    Buy local ingredients whenever possible from farmer’s markets and other local shops and markets.

3.    Remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

4.    Stop buying bottled water and get yourself a reusable bottle instead.

5.    Stop unnecessary junk mail such as catalogues. Call the companies’ 800 number and have the labels handy. Request electronic bills and statements to save paper and postage.

6.    Address your standby habits – unplug mobile phone chargers and any unused appliances. Eight per cent of electricity consumed at home is from appliances that we aren’t even using.

7.    Close a radiator or vent in a room that you don’t use much in your home, and close the door to that room.

8.    Look at what food you throw away in a week. Aim to reduce it by a third by eating leftovers and shopping more carefully – using a list and planning your meals.

9.    Grow your own fruits and vegetables. No yard?  Get involved in a community garden or volunteer at one.

10.         Learn how to compost and put the nutrients from food waste back into the soil. Check out the following website:

This Carbon Fast is adapted and in some cases directly copied from the following sources: Tearfund’s Carbon Fast UK, Saint John’s Cathedral Carbon Fast Denver CO, Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light Carbon Fast, Minnesota Episcopal Environmental Stewardship Commission’s Green Congregations Program, Going Green DC 10 Tips for a Greener 2010

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