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This year marks 16 years of taimen fly fishing in Mongolia!  With strong partnerships among The Tributary Fund (TTF), Sweetwater Travel, Frontiers Travel, Hovsgol Travel and U.S. and Mongolian-based taimen scientists, we are pleased to have made a positive impact on the Eg-Uur watershed – bringing eco-tourism dollars to the communities in the watershed as well as advocating for the protection of this fragile species.

In an effort to expand taimen conservation efforts, we have created the TAIMEN FUND. This fund will be operated under the umbrella of TTF and will be focused directly on taimen conservation in Mongolia. The Tributary Fund is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

Illegal taimen lures confiscated in September 2010

Poaching is the most significant threat to the survival of taimen.  As the rivers become more accessible from Ulaanbaatar due to road improvements, poaching will increase.  Mongolia’s Ministry of Nature is has instituted catch-and-release, single-hook-barbless regulations for all taimen fishing in Mongolia.  However, without an increase in enforcement efforts, Mongolia’s taimen regulations may not be enough to help protect them for future generations.  The Taimen Fund is dedicated to supporting anti-poaching efforts and insuring that taimen fishing regulations are enforced all year long, even when Sweetwater guides are not present to monitor local poaching activity.




The Taimen Fund’s efforts will focus on:

Zeb Hogan researching taimen populations in the first round of research. 2012 marks the second round of data collection.

Poaching Patrols

  • Enforcing catch and release laws
  • Increasing the number of rangers in the watershed
  • Providing more mobility to rangers including boats and motorcycles
  • Setting up ranger check stations on the region’s bridges and in airports


Scientific Research

  • Continuing tagging program and upgrading tags
  • Monitoring movement
  • Annual population estimates
  • Providing Mongolia’s fisheries students a facility to conduct studies and pursue PhD’s.

The success of these important taimen conservation programs is reliant on angler support. We know you have an appreciation for these threatened fish and the beautiful Mongolian culture…help us reach our goal with a gift! We hope you can help us wet the line with the Taimen Fund!


Patroller Staffing $10,000
Tomorbulag (Canyon Creek)
Motorcycles $6,000
Benzene $5,500
Motorola Two-Way Radios $1,500
Group Patrolling with Police, Border Military and State Inspectors $2,000
TOTAL $25,000
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